© 2000 Patricia Jane St. John Danko

Reach slowly Adam, do not rush.
Iím here, alone, and loving you.
I love you even in this lonesomeness.
Here in the chill of your rebuff
I love you.
I have so much to tell you.
Come back, come sit with me.
Let my words fall like dew
upon the petal,
tender calyx of your ear.

 Let me sing to you.
Let me sing
of bliss, cool breezes and warm Earth.
In the zephyr of our keeping
let us bathe, and in it
let me sing.
Please listen, Adam.
I have so much to tell you.
Let me sing
the beauty of your hands
as they softly take my own.
Let me hear
the music of your voice,
sweet voice without staccatos
of anxious appetite.

Warm me in
the softness of your eyes,
eyes without  strictures
of mean impatience.
Let me touch
the ripple of your muscles
muscles with no tension
born of your annoyance.

 Let me sing
the power of your chest
that I so long to touch.
Let me sing the moistness of your neck,
the nape I long to kiss.
Let me sing
the warmness of your throat
where I yearn to lay my cheek.
Let me sing the softness of your lips
where I yearn to touch my own.

 Let me touch the firmness of your calves
the tautness of your thighs
the hardness of your hips
the vigor of your arms
the freshness of your hair.
And let me touch
the boldness of your mind
the braveness of your heart
the valor of your soul
your bulwark majesty,
and only then,
the daring of your flesh.

Let me explore my mighty Adam
but do not hurry me.
Let me lay my head in ease
upon your stomach,
rest it there,
and feel the shelter
of your being,
the Paladin of my existence. 

Let us breathe the sweetest fragrance
of our selves.
Let rapture soar
and cherish, prize, caress.
Let me be precious to you.
Crave all of me, my sum
not just some severed pieces. 

Undivided hold me
and we will meet our hunger
in abandon to all else.
Let me feel your body
then exploding,
passion in crescendo.
I cannot hold a lover
who is not my confidant,
who will not hear my secrets,
flushed face upon my breast,
in kind and ardent empathy
for all of me.

Workshop Proposal

Propuesta de Trabajo

Proposta de Traballo

Aesthetic Intent

Proyecto Estético

Proxecto Estético

Lilith's Song To Adam

Canción de Lilith a Adán

Cantiga de Lilith a Adán


© 2000 Patricia Jane St. John Danko

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